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Guidelines for Sessions Regarding Candidates for the Ministry




Sessions are encouraged to have policies in place regarding candidates for the ministry. Here is the policy statement of one church in our presbytery:

E. Men Under Care
1. It is the responsibility of the session of Oakland Hills Community Church to encourage men seeking the office of teaching elder to develop their gifts. When a man reaches a point when he is seriously considering whether God would have him seek ordination as a teaching elder, the session will examine him in accord with the OPC Form of Government, Chapter XXI, Section 2. If, after the examination, the session can recommend that the man continue toward ordination, the session will recommend him to the Presbytery to be taken under care.
2. During the time that a man is under care, the session will work with him to develop a schedule for the further testing and development of gifts, and for his education. This program will include teaching in Sunday School, leading Bible studies, hospital/nursing home visitation, prison visitation, evangelism with an elder, home visitation with the session, attendance at session meetings, participation in leading worship, and occasional opportunities for preaching. A written report which includes the session's plan, with progress updates, will be forwarded to the Candidates & Credentials Committee of the Presbytery one month prior to each Presbytery meeting.
3. Should a man under care not be making progress in accord with the session's plan, the session will counsel with him regarding his desire for ordination as a teaching elder. If a period of six months passes with no progress, after counseling, the session will inform the candidate that they intend to recommend to Presbytery the removal of his name from the roll of men under care.

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