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Candidates' Exams




The Committee is pleased to make many of the written examinations of the candidates available to the members of our Presbytery. A perusal of the candidate's examinations will allow presbyters to get to know the candidates better, and will provide context for examinations on the floor of Presbytery. (It's also a delight to show off the extraordinary work of many of our candidates!)

A particular advantage of having the examinations online is that presbyters may download the documents and either read them on their computers or print them for reading later. It is to be hoped that presbyters will find this procedure convenient.

The examination documents are in a password-protected section of the website in order to render them inaccessible to the public. The logon ID and password are the same as those for the minutes or communications on the presbytery website.

For privacy reasons, documents which contain personal information (e.g. vitae and academic transcripts) will not be available on the internet. If presbyters would like to see such documents, arrangements may be made with the committee.

These examination documents are for the use of presbyters only. The committee requests that candidates do not access these documents.

  link to Candidates' Exams   (password protected)