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Theological Interview in Committee




The Book of Church Order requires that the Presbytery examine candidates for licensure and ordination on the floor of Presbytery (FOG XXI.4). The Candidates and Credentials committee interviews each candidate beforehand, to make sure that the candidate is ready for that examination. This is an oral interview before the committee.

Every candidate should have filled out the Theological Questionnaire when they came under care, or started their exams for licensure. The committee uses the Questionnaire to identify any potential concerns or weaknesses which may be addressed during the interview.

Candidates are reminded that not every candidate is recommended to Presbytery for examination on the first try. From time to time candidates require more than one attempt to pass the Theological Interview, so it is important to schedule the interview well before the contemplated meeting of Presbytery.

Candidates are also reminded that every examination includes the question, "Have you read the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms?"

   Sample Theological Exam

  Theological Questionnaire

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