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Apologetics Exam




The Apologetics Examination for ordination is an oral exam in committee.

While the OPC does not have an official position on apologetics, the examination presupposes(!) a familiarity with the work of Cornelius Van Til. Candidates who are not familiar with his work should speak to their committee contact for reading assignments.

Likewise, candidates should have some exposure to the history of apologetics, e.g. evidentialism, theistic proofs, the Clark Controversy, etc.

It's a perplexing world out there. Good thing God has given us his Word to guide us, and to enable us to give hope to the hopeless. Because of the multiplicity of issues and "-isms" the minister confronts daily, the goal of the Apologetics Exam is somewhat different than that of other exams. The committee is not so much interested in assessing the intellectual capability of the candidate, as in determining if the candidate is likely to be useful in pastoral ministry. Does the candidate have a well-grounded Biblical, Reformed world and life view? Does he have a passion for defending the truth? Is he "prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks (him) for a reason for the hope that is in (him)?" (1 Peter 3:15).

   Sample Apologetics Exam

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